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Motherhood community consists of baby, kids and shop and services in Malaysia’s baby and kids industry, dedicated to engage and inspire parents with useful guides and tips, baby and kids products and services. Motherhood is the biggest and most trusted seller organizations in Malaysia. Besides that, Motherhood also provides the services and mommy’s product.


Autumnz was conceive out to make a scope of mummy and baby friendly product. Covering product from maternal clothing to breast pumps, cloth diapers, breast milk storage and other baby accessories, Autumnz is one –stop brand for all the mothers out there. Giving concentration in making and creating baby and mommy items that will ease your journey, Autumnz Malaysia guarantees you to have only the best. A trusted brand for every mom’s out there, Autumnz will convey you just the best and most outstanding nature of its products.


Comotomo Malaysia give the most viewed item which widely known as having the best range of breast feeding bottle. With its cutting edge look and feel that immediately caught our attention, Comotomo has won BabyGearLab Editors’ Choice award for baby bottles.It was made if soft, hygienic silicone that closely mimic natural breastfeeding. Comotomo is designed with wide neck for easy cleaning and is also innovation with it non-leaking anti-colic vents. With highly designed baby bottles, Comotomo will ensure to give you the best comfort for both you and your baby. Known for having the best bottles for newborns, Comotomo baby bottles guarantee your child to progress happily.


Consist of all the considerable number of fixing that are useful for your babies, Morinaga specialist in newborn child formula powder that will give your baby a full healthy benefits. Available for infants from the age scope of 0 to 3 years old, this milk powder from Morinaga will always find ways to adapt to the countries they are marketing to in order to better fit their client’s prospects including Malaysia. Morinaga in Malaysia that Motherhood’s provide are 100% satisfaction guarantee with improved protein content which meets the protein requirement during weaning period for optimal growth and development of young children.


The name that spells solace and convenience, Pigeon is today the market pioneer in mother and baby care product. With an extensive variety of items under the Pigeon wing, we are your one-stop solution to meet all your needs from maternity to childcare. Other than delivering breast pump and breastfeeding accessories, Pigeon Malaysia produces bottles, teats, pacifiers, infant toiletries, infant wet wipes, weaning extras and numerous more items. Motherhood is the favored decision for high quality, solid and offer various branded for babies and mothers. All item sold on are covered under the Buyer Protection Guarantee.

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