Mc Ocean Product Tipu / Scam ? A Review From Qualified Dietitian

A Review For Mc Ocean Product

I am Lucas Lim, a qualified dietitian with Bachelor’s degree of Health Science in Dietetics (Hons) from The National University of Malaysia (UKM). I started my career as a Clinical dietitian in a private hospital. I’m so glad that I’m able to unleash my passion in creating a sustainable, attainable and positive influence in other’s life. I also involved in several public health talk invited by Insurance companies, multinationals companies, secondary schools and Indonesian Health talk. My Passion in helping my patients to bring back their blood sugar, blood cholesterol and weight back to healthy range using my holistic dietetic care truly feels a great sense of satisfaction. However I realized that my  passion being a dedicated dietitian in Malaysia is underpaid which could only fill my own stomach but couldn’t fulfill a glimpse of my life goal such as be my family financial backbone, married at the age of 28 years old to shorten my long-distant relationship and to peruse my Master in Sports Nutrition in Australia. So, I performed several part time jobs at the time such as Uber driver and locum dietitian in a retail pharmacy to earn extra income to support my expenses but I felt my life goal still far fetch.

After 3 months, I stopped my part time job as I was exhausted and realized it was not a sustainable income, as I need to utilize my time and effort just to earn only additional few hundreds ringgit.
Hence, I approached my colleague whom I knew she is running a health products business to collaborate with her as I was looking for sustainable second source of income and ownership of my career pathway. After understanding the business concept of potential market trend in preventive care and green technology industry, I decided to obtained the distributorship from Mc Ocean and explore the new market in Malaysia together with her.

I’m so blessed and honored to be in this great platform, which has developed me from an ordinary clinical dietitian to an extraordinary entrepreneur dietitian. I have expanded my business locally and
internationally such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia with the help of the team and efficient system. On top of that, the natural and award-winning health products manufactured by MC Ocean have boosted my confident as a dietitian to recommend to my post- surgery, diabetic, high cholesterol and obesity clients to enhance their recovery and better health outcome. Hence, it has generated a lot of repeat sales  from the consumers as they always share the greatness of the products with me.

One of my diabetic clients with mild kidney injury on insulin injection, after providing diet consultation and consume Enertri for 3 months, his blood sugar improved from 14 to 7 and reversed from insulin injection to oral medication only and his kidney recovered. Since then, I have also distributed MC Ocean’s Products, Enerfiber and Enertri to organic shop in Penang with the help of my uncle and it has sold a total of 100 boxes of Enerfiber and 80 boxes of Enertri just in 1 year.

Before eat Mc-Ocean Product HBA1C Blood Sugar

After Eat Mc Ocean Products HBA1C Blood Sugar Drop


Furthermore, I have also successfully distributed the Ener Worldwide biodegradable and compostable food containers to several vegetarian shops in Penang and continuously repeat order from me for 1 year as the owners compliment our Ener Worldwide quality. I found that this Mc Ocean business is so meaningful and purposeful where I am able to help people around me to improve their health and live healthier with the help of the products. This has enhanced my profession as a dedicated and people-centered dietitian.


Lucus Lim Mc Ocean

This business also change me from ah boy to man. It has improved my thinking skills and communication skills which are very important in my business and as a Clinical dietitian. This personal development has earned me 3 excellent service awards in a year by the hospital. This is
a recognition awards given by the hospital when patient compliment and satisfied with the service. Ever since in this business, I experienced fewer rejections and no complain from my patients as compared to previously where I could get 4 complains in a month during my first 6 month in the hospital.

These development witnessed by my family members has gained confident and support from them for me to be in this MC Ocean business and consumed the products. Furthermore, my uncles, aunties and my sisters are also one of the MC Ocean distributor after seeing the positive result of the products. One of my uncles who has slip disc and insomnia, so after consuming Enertri 2 packets  and 1 capsule of Ener369 per day for 6 months, his back pain resolved and he is able to sleep without sleeping pills. Therefore, he bought RM 30,000.00 of Enertri and ener369 and
distributed in Philippines and Vietnam. He was also sold 40 boxes of Enertri in just one month by sharing the greatness of the product to his friends. My sister is my Ener369 and Enerfiber die-hard fan. These two products have helped her to improve her menstrual symptoms and skin
complexion. Ener369 has replaced other supplements such as Evening primose oil and spirulina for her menstrual. Ever since, she consumed Ener369, her period never late again. My father also consumed my Enertri when his knee was burnt by boiling mushroom soup. The doctor advised my
father to rest for 1 months, as it need to rest his skin to further deterioration. On that time, my father consumed 1 packets of Enertri /day with Dr. spraycial spray on the wound. Fortunately his wound heals within 10 days and able resume his business after 2 weeks from the burnt. The most impressive for Enertri is no scars on his knee!

Mc Ocean Holding Sdn Bhd Products are effective

Thank you very much MC Ocean and the team for turning my dreams into reality where I’m now able to support my family financially and went on several vacation with them to Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. It is a milestone for me, more to come with MC Ocean.

MC Ocean once my part time business, now it is my career and life-long business. Faith and believe are the principle in life for us to be great in life. As a saying goes “change is painful, growth is painful. But nothing as painful as regret!

Any enquiries about products or diet advise, feel free to contact me on +60164104677 or visit my Facebook @ Lucas lim (林仰贤) or follow my Instagram @mrlucaslim (林仰贤)


Products Information

What Is Ener369 From Mc Ocean Holding Sdn Bhd ?

Ener369 is a supplementary product that provide vegetarian source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, and Gamma-Oryzanol; with incorporation of a powerful antioxidizing compound named Mangosteen Xanthone,


Why Enert369 Could Help To Improve Body Health?

Ener369 is researched and developed with the collaboration of Mc-Ocean Holding Sdn Bhd, Thailand Chiang Mai University, and University of Natural Medicine USA; and is a MAL supplementary product approved by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) of Malaysia. Deficiency of these EFAs may result in weaker immune system while gamma oryzanol and mangosteen xanthone help to relieve illness, strengthen our immune system and delay cellular aging from free radicals oxidation.


What is the price of Ener369 ?

The recommended retail price for Ener369 is RM 369.00


What Is Enertri From Mc Ocean?

Enertri is an organic riceberry beverage that does not contain chemicals, preservatives and additives and utilizes a unique whole grain named riceberry. Riceberry is a nutritious and palatable variety that is low in glycemic index and offers great amount of anthocyanin, tannins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Cultivated naturally in unpolluted remote areas of Thailand, the riceberry is organically produced according to standards and regulation under certification of USDA and Organic EU.


Why Enertri could help to improve diabetes mellitus / high blood sugar?

Through a process called mechanical hydrolysis, riceberry retains its nutrients, antioxidants and active α-polysaccharide peptide (α-PSP), which will be readily absorb into human cells to rejuvenate, replenish and regulate body metabolism and health complication such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.


What is the Price Of Enertri from Mc Ocean ?

The recommended retail price for Enertri is MYR 488

Where can I buy these Mc Ocean Products ?

You can buy the above products from online e-commerce store such as shopee, lazada etc. However, we recommend you to buy it from our authorized distributor and join as member to save your cost. You can whatsapp  +60164104677 or visit  Facebook @ Lucas lim (林仰贤) or follow  Instagram @mrlucaslim (林仰贤)


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  1. Thanks to Mc Ocean that had provide a great platform! This platform had gather many different profession people to run the business together.
    Through this business, I had learn a lot knowledge from the young entrepreneurs. They had organize many meaningful event like health screening, charity and beach cleaning! I am honored that can do this meaningful event with them. They willing to teach and share their business knowledge to everyone!
    A great business sure come with great product. After taking Enerfiber, i found that lactose intolerant issue that had disturb me since young is been improve! Plus Ener369 also help to normalize my menstruation. This had amaze me so much!

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